Geocaching Adventures

Our first Geocache ever. I’m surprised we found it, considering it was our first, and a rather tricky hide. DH went right to the area, but I couldn’t figure out where it could be. After about 10 minutes of hunting, DH got the bright idea of checking out the fence cap. Ta-da! DS was immediately hooked on “treasure hunting” when he found a gold coin swag.

Dd was able to come on our hunt for our second cache. This was was a lot harder, especially because we were still so new to the sport and haven’t really any idea how to go about finding the caches. This one took us quite a long time to find, and we almost gave up. As you can see, the jar was wrapped in camo tape, making in hard to see in the bushes. DH found this one too.

Here we are, looking in the jar for swag. We found our first travel bug, a jeep. That was an unexpected surprise!

Our third cache find was small, but fun nonetheless! I jumped out of the van ahead of everyone else so I could be the FTF this one. Lol! I know we look unhappy in this picture, but we’re really jsut squinting into the sun.


2 thoughts on “Geocaching Adventures

  1. WOW. You found a jeep travel bug. Have you checked on the website to see what you’re supposed to do about those? Something about taking our picture and entering a contest. I haven’t looked at it this year, but last year if you found a jeep it was a BIG todo!

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