More Geocaching

DD, DS and I tried geocaching on our own while DH was a work. We found this cache, after quite a bit of hacking through the underbrush. We haven’t been able to log it as an official find, because we didn’t find and sign the log. (I guess you would call this a puzzle cache?) We did find the cache itself though, and our first Geocoin!

What made it really, REALLY cool was that the coin was a Traveling Gold Kentucky Geocoin, and we found it almost exactly 8 years to the day that we moved from KY to TX! Seriously, we couldn’t have planned it better if we tried. 😀

Can you see the cache?

DD was standing on it when we got to ground zero. Even though I spotted it after she moved, I told her she still found it first since she was literally on top of it. 😀

Checking out the swag:

Geocoin and booty!


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