I sooooo hate trying to think up blog titles. I can never think up anything creative or witty, which are exactly the kind of titles you’re supposed to use to draw the reader in. Maybe I should use “FREE MONEY!” once in a while. :mrgreen:

Sides one and two of our Mother’s Day bowling fun.

It’s a Boy Thing: (DS loves to attack me with his swords. Heck, he just loves attacking me period!)

Swim with the Fishes:

A Geocaching Layout:

A Pirates Life for Me:


3 thoughts on “Digiscrapping

  1. These are so awesome, Jen. I wish you could give me a digiscrapping class! Sometimes it helps to have someone irl. I am slowly learning to use CM’s program, but it’s a slow process. I am using their webinars for learning, but I have so little time to really play with it right now. And that’s the trick to learning, I think!

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