Digi Goodness

Just catching up on some scrapping. I have totally lost my mojo the last couple of years. I sure wish it would come back. *sigh*  (BTW, the real things aren’t this fuzzy. I’m not sure why they’re showing up like this. grrr!)

This is a cute one about G. He totally loved the Olympics (aka: Sonics) and was so sad when it was over. I think that is supposed to be his “game face” in the photos. lol….

A LO of C from a looooong time ago. I was pregnant with G, so this was a little over four years ago. Ugh…I have so many photos and stories I need to scrap!


2 thoughts on “Digi Goodness

  1. Lisa in ME (SHS)

    I understand about loosing your mojo. I was so obsessed with scrapping not too long ago. Now it seems like I’d be just as happy getting all my photos in to regular albums. ::sigh:: Oh well – I’ll keep plugging away. LOL

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