Project 365 and Other Stuff

If you’ve been with me for a while, you’ll know that for the last several years I resolve to participate in Project 365, and so far each year I’ve not made it very far. (Read: crash and burn within a month.) But I’m nothing if not stubborn, so I’ve put it back on my list again this year.

(Hey, I just realized that as of Jan 1st 2009 I have written exactly 365 blog posts! That must count for something, right?!? :snork:)

In case you are blissfully unaware of what Project 365 actually is, let me give you a recap:

I read an interesting article at Photojojo about taking one photo a day for a year can help you see your life in a interesting new way. The idea is to try to capture the day’s event in a single photo. “Perform photographic experiments. Take a photo of someone new you meet, something you ate for the first time, or something you just learned how to do. Take a photo of something that made you smile. And don’t forget to take a photo of yourself at least one a month so you can remember how you’ve changed too.”

They also suggest that if possible, you add a line or two about the photo to help explain the story behind the photo. It doesn’t have to be a novel, just a bit to trigger the memory.

One of the biggest challenges (besides remembering to take your camera with you, and actually USING it) is figuring out WHAT photo to take each day. Luckily for us, Project 365 has suddenly become “popular” in the scrapbook world, with many sites offering ideas and challenges. No, you do NOT have to be a scrapbooker to do this. But you can use it as sort of a visual journal, and better yet, your photography skills will increase during the next year, and that rocks.

Here are some websites that can help you with some photo ideas:

365 Photo Prompts from Creating Keepsakes (PDF)

Hints and Tips for P365 by Becky Higgins (PDF) She’s trying to get you to buy her kit, but she does have some helpful ideas.

You’re welcome to follow along with me on my Project 365, and I encourage you to give it a whirl yourself! If you can’t commit to one year of photos, maybe try it for one season, or one month. And please feel free to leave comments. I love hearing from you!

Other Stuff:

My blog is still going to be rather eclectic, a mix of this and that and other random things. Hence the name “Bits and Pieces.” Another one of my resolutions is to blog regularly. Sometimes it might be homeschool stuff, cool links I’ve found to other websites, and whatever flotsam that drifts through my head. I’ll probably end up repeating myself. I’ll probably end up repeating myself. (ha!)

I many blogs are devoted to specific topics, but that’s just not who I am. I’m eclectic myself…flitting here and there, trying out new crafts or ideas. So hopefully you’ll find a few things here interesting, amusing or otherwise worthwhile enough that you’ll come back for another visit.


3 thoughts on “Project 365 and Other Stuff

  1. Way to keep plugging away. I think if I would simplify and just concentrate on ONE picture each day instead of journaling an entire day I just might be successful! YOU GO GIRL!

  2. I’ve committed to P365 again this year. I’ve already made it farther than I did last year! -snort, giggle- Shows how much ambition I had for the project last year!

    Now, to remember to post the photos regularly!

    I have great “lack of inspiration” material around here with a newborn (10 weeks old) and an almost toddler (11 1/2 months old), and a 3 year old that’s always doing crazy stuff – like the time he made it “snow” in the living room using baby powder.

    Keep up the good work – would love to see some of your photos on the blog! I post mine at my blog and on my facebook.

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