Journaling Ideas

One thing I would like to do, along  with Project 365, is journal daily as much as possible. Both for my digital scrapbooks, as well as trying to keep my aging brain cells alive and kicking. There are lots of online sites that can give you ideas to kickstart your journal.

Bella Online will be offering daily prompts week-by-week through the year. Their first prompt asks you to write your own six-word epitaph. Um…besides being somewhat morbid (to me), the only thing I could think of was “I told you I was sick!” :mrgreen:

Other online sites you might find interesting:

Journal Writing Prompts

Prompts from Writer’s Digest

A Year’s Worth of Journaling Prompts

365 Days Blog – Great blog for photos, quotes and journaling prompts made in 2008, but still great for 09.


Angie Pedersen has a great set of books that are targeted toward scrapbookers, but I’m sure can be used for non-scrappers. Her books are “The Book of Me,” Growing Up Me,” and “The Book of Us.” The first book is about getting YOU into your scrapbook/memories. The second one is great for kids, and the third book helps you focus on relationships.

Katie the Scrapbook Lady has a really great set of downloadable journaling prompts organized by month, called “Amazing Month of Memories.” These files can be used and reused year after year It’s like a self paced class you can do on your own at any time, but it’s so much more than that! Check out the FREE SAMPLE so you can get just a small taste of what this series can do for your scrapbooks, photo 365 projects, journals, blogs, classroom or homeschool, and your everyday life.

She offers each month individually HERE, or you can buy the whole set HERE. Right now the complete set is on sale for $24, which is 60% off its regular price.

She also has a wonderful “Monthly Roundup” idea that she holds every month on her blog. I really want to remember to do this myself this year, as it really helps you to capture memories before they get forgotten in the blur of everyday life. I encourage you to check it out. You can read her end of year round up ideas too.


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