One gift (and curse) I have is to find lots of cool links on a multitude of subjects. Someday I must really learn how to use this power for good, instead of for evil. šŸ˜‰

Anyway, since the subject of calendars came up I thought I would post some of my favorite links here, just in case anyone is interested. (And if you have any ideas for how I could use this power for good, please let me know!)

Family Time Calendar:
Daily ideas for together time for families.

Monthly Preschool Activity Calendar:
It says for preschool, but I’m sure we creative mom’s can adapt the ideas for almost any age. Check out the rest of this awesome website.

Enchanted Learnings Monthly Calendar:
Daily activities with links to activity pages on their website. For older elementary kids.

Month of Fun Calendars:
Different idea for each day, all ages.

Everything Preschool:
This isn’t really a calender per se, but a list of what special month/week/day for that month. Ex: August is National Watermelon month; the first week is World Breastfeeding week; and the first day is Respect for Parent’s Day.

Handprint Calendars:
I made these last year as Christmas presents. Keep an eye on this page, as they may be updating for 2010.

Teacher Created Monthly Calendars:
I linked this in an earlier email, but in case you missed it, it’s a great site.

The Learning Calendar:
You can buy this calendar in print, but their website is a good resource and has a interesting “this day in history” feature.

Hope this helps someone! šŸ™‚


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