Planning Stages Pt1: I Freak Out

After successfully homeschooling C19 from 4th grade through high school (and now into her second year of college), I figured starting all over again from the very beginning would be a breeze. Baahahahhahahahahhaaaahaa!

Technically the early years ARE  easier than figuring out all those Chemistry and Algebra problems, and trying to keep up with history and lit assignments from Creation through Current Events. But I never had to teach C19 to read or write, or early math. When I finally made up my mind that yes, we WERE going to do Kindergarten this year, I kinda freaked out like a brand new homeschooler.

“Sure, I taught him to walk and talk, but what about reading?! Or handwriting? If I can’t teach him to write legibly, will he be doomed to being a doctor instead of some other profession that requires handwriting people can actually READ?!?!?” (lol…)

With C19 we used several different curriculums; Konos (the early edition), Sonlight, and finally settled on Tapestry of Grace for our core. We also tried Spelling Power and AVKO, but never really found anything that totally clicked. For math it was mostly Saxon until I found the wonderful gift that is Teaching Textbooks. Lower science we did a lot of Janice Van Cleve books and some TOPS science sets, then settled on Apologia for her upper grades. LLATL wasn’t much of a hit with us, but I really liked the Write at Home website, which helped  relieve some of the battles we were having in the LA and writing areas.

I’m a Charlotte Mason fan. I like the short lessons and the fact that she also added in arts, music and poetry. I also love literature based curriculum, which is why I liked Sonlight and TOG. I have all four Year Plans of the Classic version of TOG, and plan on using it with G5 starting in 1st grade. Although I have to admit I love the look of the new version. I’m a sucker for pretty pages. :p

The most difficult thing about homeschooling I think, is CHOOSING a curriculum. When I first started homeschooling the “veterans” back then would tell me how lucky I was to have so many more choices than they did. Eleven years later and there are even MORE choices to weed through! Today I’m starting to sound like the veterans…

“Back in the old days we didn’t have this many math/history/science curriculums to choose from. You were lucky to find  anything at all. Publishers wouldn’t touch us with a ten-foot pole.” 🙂

Come back later for Part Two – It Comes Together


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