Perfect Coffee Table

I love Craigslist. Sometimes it can be a ripoff, but occasionally you can find a treasure you didn’t even know you need. Something that jumps out and screams “BUY ME NOW!”

Okay, that happens to me a LOT, but I’m really good at not giving in to impulse buying.

(waiting for the lightening strike……)

Anyway….  🙂

I was cruising my local Craigslist, with a coffee table in mind. We’ve been using my grandmother’s, and I love it dearly. But it doesn’t fit in with the house and between C19 and G5 it was slowly getting destroyed. I really didn’t want that to happen. While looking around I found the most PERFECT COFFEE TABLE EVER. (or at least for my house) 🙂

It’s a dark, chocolate wooden table from Ikea. I can’t tell you the name because 1) it’s been discontinued, and 2) I could never remember those Swedish names anyway. (Please ignore the ugly denim cover on my couch. It’s there to protect the “we’re-having-company” fabric underneath.)

my beautiful coffee table
my beautiful coffee table

What makes this baby so special that I practically squealed when I saw it? This sucker OPENS UP for storage inside! That means that instead of having a giant, ugly plastic tub full of Lego’s in my living room, they are cleverly hidden inside.

it opens. it closes. it hides the legos!
it opens. it closes. it hides the legos!

I can’t TELL you what a huge difference this has made to my living room! With a sweep of my hand I can quickly dump all of the Legos inside the table, thirty seconds flat. Whoever invented this MUST have had kids who loved Legos too. It’s pretty and it’s functional. If only the REST of my house was this charming. *lol*


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