Lapbook Organization

Labooking of any kind can frequently be a bit of an organizational nightmare.

  • Do you print out all the pages ahead of time? Or day by day?
  • What do you do with all the mini-books before they’re glued into the final project?
  • How do you keep the pages/books organize by day/subject?
  • What if I have more than one lapbook topic going at one time?

Recently at StuffMart I found a fantastic organizational tool, the 8 Pocket Organizer:

front cover
front cover

The cover of mine is a little scuffed up, but that’s because I love it! It has a tough plastic cover, and a neat little elastic closure. I love the fact that you can secure it closed because that makes it SO much easier to toss it around when I’m cleaning off the kitchen table for dinner. *lol* Oh, and makes it very portable too.

inside - front cover
inside - front cover

Inside there are a total of eight pockets that can hold full sized 8.5×11 sheets of paper. The inside “pages” are also made of plastic, but not as stiff as the cover. Each pocket also has a smaller pocket attached to the front, which is PERFECT for storing the smaller bits of your labook before it’s all glued together. The cover small pockets are not see-through, but the rest of the pockets are. That makes it easy to find things quickly.

organized by subject
organized by subject

I loosely organize my pockets by subject and day, based on the FIAR schedule I use in our homeschool. I don’t generally use the very first and last pockets just because I like the see-through ones better. So my organizer is broken down somewhat like this:

  1. Monday – Social Studies (includes history, geography, etc.)
  2. Tuesday – Language Arts/Character Traits
  3. Wednesday – Art/Music/Creativi-Tea Party (FAIR and CM)
  4. Thursday – Math
  5. Friday – Science

I like organizing it this way because I know I can just grab the folder and be ready for the day. However, if I skip a day, or run out of time it’s easy for me to catch up since it’s also organized by subject.

waiting to be glued

I have a total of four of these organizers. One for the current lapbook we are working on; one as a backup in case I don’t get the previous weeks all glued together and need to store it until I can find the time; a blue one for me to keep things I need to have at my fingertips for school; and a fourth one just because I love ’em so much.  (You know, in case I have an organizational emergency that ONLY an 8 pocket folder can fix. *snork* )

I don’t know if Wally World carries these all year ’round. But I found mine in the office supply section for about $5. They came in blue, green and purple. I haven’t been able to find a place to order them online. (hmmmm….maybe I should pick up a few more in case they are discontinued. Yeah…that’s it! *lol*)


One thought on “Lapbook Organization

  1. fiddler42

    “Stuffmart”? : ) Is that a real store or are you giving a certain superstore a nickname? (I suspect the latter.) Thanks for sharing photos of the organizer. You’ve also given me a better idea of how lapbooks work–seeing all the pieces in the clear plastic sleeves before going into a folder. We’ve been homeschooling for many years now, but I’ve yet to try a lapbook with any of my kids, though I suspect 8 y.o. DD would love to make one (or more). Weird to think such a project could be intimidating, isn’t it?

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