Comments Please!

If you are a regular reader, or only visit once in a while, would you please let me know if you think the photos are too big, or load slowly on your computer?

I have cable internet and a wide screen monitor, so sometimes it’s hard for me to tell what it looks like to other people. Also, I’ve started noticing that my pictures are usually WAY bigger than on other blogs….and maybe they are too big?

If you wouldn’t mind giving me some feedback in the comments section here, that would be awesome. Thanks so much!

PS: Hey, if you have any OTHER ideas or commments, please let me know. Do I blather on too long? To many details, or not enough? More or less pictures? The blog is boring, or the best part of your day?  (just checking to see if you’re awake! *lol*)

I am open to any ideas you have. Sometimes I think it’s too personal,and other times I think it’s too impersonal. I’m trying to find a happy medium. I guess my biggest problem is that I have sort of eclectic tastes (or have ADD), and jump  around all over the place from one interest to the next. I try not to drag too much of my randomness to the blog. (That’s what my Twitter account is for. *lol*)


9 thoughts on “Comments Please!

  1. Susan

    Hi fellow mom of 2 kids with an amazingly huge age difference!

    I think your blog looks terrific, and nothing loads slowly at all. Of course, I’ve just found it. 🙂 …Then again, like you, I have high speed and work on a wide screen monitor – so I may not be the best judge of all of the issues on which you’d like feedback.

    Love all your Madeleine work… We’re rowing that one next week, and can’t wait.

  2. Sharon

    came to your blog from the workboxes yahoo group. It loads fine for me and I love the bigger photos – easier to see what they are of. We are doing FIAR too its so much fun.

  3. Great, great, great site. Will be recommending you to one of my friends with littles who is contemplating homeschooling and thinks FIAR doesn’t have much meat! Told her you can add as much as you want. Your blog will help her see that. Thanks a bunch!

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