FIAR Mike Mulligan

My FIAR pages are a work in progress. Check back often for updates.


Social Studies

  • What is Steam? Heat water in the tea kettle. When boiling hold a mirror over the opening in the spout and observe what happens. Discuss how water becomes steam and is able to move into the air. ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED
  • Steam Shovel in actionmore videos here
  • Big Brutus, and here – Second Largest Steam Shovel in the world
  • Other steam powered machines: Photos and pocket

Language Arts/Character Traits

  • Egermeier’s Bible Story Book – How the World was Made (Orderly) (all week)
  • Characters, personification and more at HSS
  • Character Traits: Stewardship, Flexibility
  • Stewardship at HSS
  • Orderly at Hubbard’s Cupboard (all week)
  • Thriftiness at Character Journal


  • Drawing Trees
  • Build the new town hall with blocks, Legos, Lincoln Logs, etc.
  • Visit and observe (safely!) a construction site.
  • Practice road building/engineering digging in the sand. (Geotrax?)
  • Practice digging “four straight walls, neat and square,” in sandbox

Poem: Steam Shovel by Charles Malam

The dinosaurs are not all dead.
I saw one raise its iron head
To watch me walking down the road
Beyond our house today.
Its jaws were dripping with a load
Of earth and grass that it had cropped.
It must have heard me where I stopped,
Snorted white steam my way,
And stretched its long neck out to see,
And chewed, and grinned quite amiably.



Food/Snack Ideas (Have any? Please share!)

Extra Resources


5 thoughts on “FIAR Mike Mulligan

  1. Oh, this is one of my son’s favorites-we even found a matchbox that almost matches Mary Anne’s looks. Oh the pics seem ok for me, but I have a wide screen and use Firefox-not sure if that helps you or not.


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