Too Busy to be Bored!

Several years ago my daughter was going through the “I’m booooooored” stage. I got tired of giving her suggestions only to have them shot down each time. (Ah, the joys of parenthood!)

Finally tired of wracking my brains every day, I sat down and banged away at the keyboard for several hours creating a list of ideas she could look through when she was booooooored again. I told her if she couldn’t find something on the list, or come up with her own ideas that I had PLENTY of chores around the house she could help me with instead. *evil grin!*

The list worked pretty well for several years. Now she’s a sophomore in college and busy with school, shopping, hanging out with friends, and talking with her boyfriend on the phone. I think she’s too busy to be bored these days. 🙂

If you still are under attack from the “I’m booooored” kids at your house, feel free to download my list of ideas. There is plenty of room on the last page for you to add your own ideas. Good luck!


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