The (Almost) Ultimate PSP Script Ever!

<insert infomercial voice here>

Digiscrapping PSP users, now YOU can have the (Almost) Ultimate PSP Script EVER!

Using templates has never been SO EASY!

(Almost) Never again will you envy PS users and their CNTL+G function!

Simply run Photojenic’s “Clip to Template” script and you’ll be finishing layouts in (almost) a fraction of the time it used to take!

But wait, there’s MORE!

Not only will this handy little script help you with (almost) any typical layout template, it will ALSO help you with (almost) any template that has a tricky element feature such as brush strokes or transparencies.

This all natural product is (almost) guaranteed to be the most Ultimate PSP Script in your collection!

How much do you think a script like this is worth?




No! This price is so ridiculously low, you have to download your own copy RIGHT NOW!

You won’t be paying $100…or even $50. In fact, you’ll only be paying….

*drum roll*

Nada! That’s right folks! This script is SO AMAZING we’re actually GIVING IT AWAY!



Simply place the script in your MyPSP>ScriptsRestricted folder and Unleash the Power of the (Almost) Ultimate PSP Script ever! Note: See post #17 for a mini tutorial.

<end infomercial>

Note: I need to give a huge thanks to Tracey (Haley64 at DST) for all her help. Not only did she fix the script for PSP9 users (and tell me I had a hiccup in the first version), it was also her tip about keeping the transparency of an template layer that made this script the (almost) ultimate psp script ever. Thank you so much Tracey, you rock!:)

Mini Tutorial:

After you download the script, place it in your MyDocuments>MyPSP>ScriptsRestricted file. It should then be available under your scripts toolbar.

Using the script:

Let’s pretend you have a template with a singe spot for a photo. First you would open both your template and the photo in PSP. Copy the photo to your clipboard (cntl+c) then paste it (cntl+v) into the template ABOVE where the photo needs to go.

At this point you will be able to move, resize, etc. the photo all you want to make sure it’s positioned exactly how you need it to be. With the PHOTO layer still highlighted, run the script. In just a few seconds your photo should be cropped exactly to the template shape below. Repeat as needed.

This script will also work for papers and other elements. The best part is that it works with many template layers that have a transparency effect. For example, several of Katie Pertiet’s templates have layers that look like brush strokes. This script will fit the photo/paper into that layer and preserves the brush-like appearance.

Sometimes I can get it to work with masks or “mats.” It depends on if, and what kind, of layer style the designer has added to the PSD file. That’s why the script is “almost” the ultimate because it doesn’t work on everything. I suggest you experiment and see how it works with different elements you have in your stash. Hopefully it will be an asset to your scrapping arsenal. šŸ™‚

Final Tip:
I’ve mapped the script to my keyboard so that I only have to hit cntl+3 to run the script. In PSPX you’ll need to go View>Customize>Scripts . Select the script name and an Icon, then click on the Keyboard tab. Choose Bound Scripts from the dropdown menu. Click on the name of the script, hit the key(s) you want to map it to and click “assign.” You should be good to go!


3 thoughts on “The (Almost) Ultimate PSP Script Ever!

  1. Sarah

    Hey, I tried to download the version for XII, but I believe there is a problem with the link. I get a blank page? Thx for reacting!

    1. photojenic

      It shows up for me. Have you tried using a different browser? I’m not sure if it works with XII since I only have X, but hopefully it will. šŸ™‚

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