Where’s My Mojo?

I’ve been in a digiscrapping slump for years. I really, really want to get back into the hobby but am having trouble. It’s been so long that I’ve actually scrapped any pages that I’ve forgotten how to use my Paint Shop Pro program! *yuck*

However, while fiddling around with it today, I realized *why* I’ve been having such a hard time getting my mojo back….I’m having some kind of weird problem with PSP and PSCS4. For whatever strange and frustrating reason, both programs have quit working. Specifically, the Pick Tool (I forget what that’s called in PS). It’s the tool that lets you move and resize your elements. It usually cr*ps out on my about 10-15 minutes after the program (either PS or PSP) has been opened. To make it even MORE frustrating, DD has both programs loaded on her laptop and NEVER has this problem. ARGH!

I though that if I deleted PS, maybe that would help solve the issue, but it didn’t. Then I reinstalled PSPX, and that didn’t help either. I’m incredibly frustrated! *bangs head on desk*  So my mojo might come back if I could ACTUALLY SCRAP SOMETHING.


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