Still Alive and Kicking!

Still here, although you might not be able to tell due to the lack of blog updates. Hopefully though you’ve been reading through the archives and finding all the wonderful things I’ve blogged about before. (I swear, there are interesting things in there somewhere.)

My blog is going through a bit of an identity crisis. Or maybe a midlife crisis if we go by the blog owner’s age. Either way, it’s in crisis and doesn’t know what it wants to be when it grows up. (Have you ever noticed that if you type the same word three times in a row it starts to look WRONG. Crisis. Crisis. Crisis. See, totally whacked.)

Is it a homeschool-only blog? A family blog? A scrapbook blog? Although seeing that my super-duper-fancy-expensive-computer-and-scrapping-programs have decided to revolt and freeze up on me every 10 minutes, there’s not much scrapping getting done.

I admire those bloggers who can weave their daily life stories with posts about their hobbies or homeschool. And the fact that they can actually find time TO blog….and be interesting to boot.

I’d love to have an interesting blog.

I’d especially like to have an interesting blog that was interesting to someone other than me, myself and I.

Although they are my biggest fans and are loyal followers, so I shouldn’t complain. Not everyone has an entourage of their very own. *snort*

Sometimes I think I’ll use the blog as a sort of online journal of our days. You know, capture those little special moments that are often forgotten. But then I worry that most days the blog would read like this:

Day one: Got dressed.

Day two: Got dressed BEFORE daddy made it home.

Day three: Got dressed WITH makeup before daddy made it home.

Day four: Got dressed, with makeup, AND even cooked dinner before daddy made it home. He ate leftovers. Note: Gotta work on that timing thing.

Day five: Stayed in our pajamas all day, but we did school! Too exhausted to cook. Pizza night!

Okay, so it’s really not THAT bad (most days). But I’ve often thought that the things that seem exciting to ME, are pretty boring to the rest of the world. Maybe it’s a mommy thing? Or a homeschool mom thing? So far there haven’t been too many of my “in real life” friends that get excited about reading a new picture book. (We’re reading Mike Mulligan this week! I’m sooooo excited!!!!!)

I just got finished teaching four years of homeschool high school. It’s a TREAT to get to read picture books.

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah….I also admire bloggers who can stay on topic within a single post. And especially ones that know clever and interesting ways to end a post that makes the reader want to come back for more.

Which I apparently don’t know how to do.


The end.


2 thoughts on “Still Alive and Kicking!

  1. You are adorable and lots of fun to read! At least you did not delete all your interesting posts…umm…like I did:-) And I can’t seem o get the spark back ;/ I, too, keep waiting for my blog to take on a life of it’s own and decide what “kind” of blog it is. For now I’ll just be content that it is like me…a modge podge of a wonderfully blessed life! Blessings!

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