Art Trails

One nice thing about living in the North Texas DFW area is that there is always something to do. The frustrating thing is after living here almost 10 years, there are lots of neat things I’m only finding out about! It’s particularly frustrating to me because I miss so many things from home that I couldn’t find here….and yet suddenly I’m finding the same types of things I had been longing for. Um…have I been blind the last nine and a half years? Am I not hooked up with the right “cool things to do” sources? Something is obviously wrong. *lol*

For example, just this morning someone on my area homeschooling list just HAPPENED to email the group about the Huffines Art Trails in Richardson. I had NO idea that this went on every year! It’s held in a lovely park, and the weather today was absolutely perfect. I didn’t find out about it until late, so we could only stay about an hour, but I’m so glad we went.

Each vendor had their own tent, and there was a lovely combination of different arts and crafts. There were many jewelry booths, some pottery, a few fiber art (knitting, crochet and weaving), several photographers, paintings, some metal sculptures, candles, and many more I can’t even remember. It was lovely because there was no mass-marketed or imported items.

There was also live music, and a hay bale maze for the kids. There is also supposed to be a scavenger hunt for the kids too, but since we only had a short time there we didn’t give it a try. Next year we will go earlier in the day so we can savor all of it it. šŸ™‚

walking along the art trail
one of the booths
metal dragon sculpture

the hay bale maze
the hay bale maze

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