The first of a new month has an exciting feel to me, similar to the first day of a new year. It’s a time to start again, for new plans, new lists, new beginnings. I still have “old” stuff left over that needs to be taken care of, but somehow it becomes “new” all over again.

New things I’ll be doing this month include planning for our new homeschool year (yay!), buying new school supplies, working on new photography skills, and learning to become a handy-ma’am.

We’ve been thinking about putting our house on the market, and because of that I’ve been looking at things around our house with new eyes. I’ve been making a list of projects that NEED to be done, along with “dream” projects that I’d like to do if money & time were no object. I’ve become obsessed with renovation blogs. Obsessed I say!  I love ones that take something old and ugly, and turn it into something beautiful and useful. My Delicious bookmarks are stuffed full of new ideas for each room of the house.

There’s also something rewarding about finding a new use or purpose for things I already own. I’m a thrifty person at heart, so I’ve been finding it really fun to think about how I can use the things I already have to give each room a face lift. Sometimes I’ve needed to buy a little something, and so I’ve just *had* to make a few stops at the thrift stores around me to see what I treasures I can find. I really love shopping at thrift stores not only because I sometimes score some fabulous deals, but often I can find unique, quality items that you just can’t find in stores today.

Sometimes there’s no substitute for NEW, however. Like our old, nasty bathroom faucets. They’re probably the original fixtures from when they built the house. We had to replace the one in the hall bath because it was leaking, and decided to go ahead and replace all of them. They’re a lovely brushed nickle, look fabulous, and were less than $30 each! It’s amazing how something so small can make a room feel better. My wonderful husband has spent all weekend putting them in. (Normally new faucets are an easy install, but we’ve discovered that when the house was built they cut a lot of corners that has caused many “simple” changes to take 2 or 3 times longer than necessary.)

Your turn! Which do you prefer, new-new or new-to-you?


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