In just a few weeks I’m going to begin homeschooling one small person (G6yrs, 1st grade), at a small table, in a small kitchen in a very small house. I’ve been doing things this week to help (re)organize our homeschool supplies and books to make things more streamlined, but I’m still looking for more ideas.

I’m trying to find a balance between visual learning (posters on the wall mostly) and dealing with our small space. Our home is only 1K sq feet, and everything happens in about half of that; everything else is bedrooms. Our living room and dining room (really just an eat in kitchen) are basically one room, and absolutely everything happens here; paying bills, watching tv, computer, school, arts & crafts, and even playing w/toys since my 6yo refuses to play in his room alone.

I just bought an Expedit bookshelf (those things hold a TON!) and it acts as a room divider of sorts, which is nice. I’m thinking of using a picture rail over the kitchen table to swap between white/corkboards for school and framed artwork so my tiny house doesn’t *always* look like a school room. I’m also thinking about moving towards using binders for things that are usually on the wall., ike the pledge, calendar work, alphabet, etc.

I’m already a binder queen (lol!) but am curious to see if anyone else already does something like this? I’ve been looking at homeschool rooms on the ‘net today, and it seems like lots of folks have dedicated rooms, or larger houses than I do, and their walls are plaster with wonderful posters and visual aids. I just can’t do it; I don’t have the room and don’t really want to live like that any more. (I’ve been homeschooling for 10+ yrs.) But I’m also wondering if having most of those “aids” in a binder would be a help or a hindrance to my 6yr old. I see the advantages of just being able to glance up to see what he needs, but the binder would be portable and compact.

What ideas have you discovered that work for you, especially in the areas of organization? If you live in a small space, how do you keep it from looking like a schoolroom all the time?

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