First Grade

We officially started first grade Sept. 7th this year. Later than the public schools, but perfect for us. Last year I used Before Five in a Row for our kindergarten, but since we were making lapbooks for each book we burned out early. I have a wee bitty problem with the “less is more” concept.

Even though this year is more formal (something about first grade feels more like real school than kinder), I’m trying really hard to NOT do every project, lapbook, experiment, or other “cool” thing I run across on the interwebs. So far so good, we’re getting all our work (and fun stuff too!) done in two hours or less every day.

First Grade for G6:

I’ll be going into more detail about our curriculum choices in the next few posts.

Same Bat Time! Same Bat Channel! (Boy, am I dating myself or what?!??! *lol*)


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