Grapevine Stick Figure Bible

Grapevine Bible Studies

Although TOG has a lot of bible readings built in I wanted a more structured bible study for school. I didn’t want anything too rigid, but also wanted something that was easy to tweak to reflect our family’s personal beliefs. I saw a few reviews of Grapevine’s Stick Figuring Bible around the web, and finally decided to give it a try. And I’m so glad I did!

G6 has really been enjoying “making his own Bible,” as he puts it. I only teach one page (two pictures) a day. Since we’re doing Creation in TOG, I chose Beginner level Old Testament overview. He loved drawing the story of creation, and every day asks to do “just one more, please!”

I don’t have him memorize the Bible verses since he’s already doing a lot of that for Awana. However, I think he’d gain a lot more understanding of the verses he’d be memorizing with Grapevine, versus the 2-3 a week he’s having to memorize for Awana.

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