RightStart Math

RightStart Math, Level B

We started RightStart in Kinder, but we’re only working about 15 mins a day (per Charlotte Mason) on a lesson. Nice and slow, working on mastery rather than trying to finish a book in a specific time frame. RightStart itself is also based on the principle of mastery. I also like that it uses lots of manipulatives so the student gets to really PLAY with their numbers.

I’m a bit math phobic, I think because I struggled so much with math in school. Hubby on the other hand, is really great with math, and I have to get him to slooooow down when trying to explain a math concept to me. I like RightStart because *I* can see where it’s going during the lesson, and it helps to fill in my own math gaps.

I used Saxon math with DD (C20) when we first started out homechooling, and quickly discovered that the textbooks weren’t really math-phobic friendly. I felt like they were written more for a math TEACHER, rather than a parent who needed a help teachING math to their student. I relied on hubby a lot during our Saxon years. Then I discovered Teaching Textbooks and fell on my knees in thanksgiving. *lolololol*

RightStart requires a little prep from the teacher, but it’s mostly an open-and-go kind of program. I usually only need about 15 minutes to read through the lesson to understand what concepts are being taught. And since we only do about 1/2 a lesson a day, G6 and I both get plenty of hands on time with whatever we’re supposed to be learning at the time.

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