Getty Dubay Italics

In all my years of homeschooling I’ve never met another parent that uses Getty Dubay Italic for their handwriting program. But I really like that the letters basically stay the same in both print and cursive style. One reason I think is there are some complaints that children grow up not being able to read “regular” cursive.

In my experience, cursive handwriting has to be decoded for each individual anyway. KWIM? My mother’s cursive is waaaaay different than both my grandmother’s and my mother-in-law’s. I had to teach myself how to read their cursive, even though I was taught “regular cursive” in public school.

Italic cursive is as easy to read (and write!) as Italic print. So chances are people will be able to read G6’s handwriting better than traditional cursive. Assuming, of course, than anyone will be actually WRITING with pen and paper and their own hands in the future.

2 thoughts on “Italics

  1. We’ve used this program for YEARS….and really not being able to read some folk’s cursive doesn’t matter much these days. I agree with you. I’ve even wondered about teaching handwriting at all these days. LOL

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