Exploring Creation with Astronomy

Exploring Creation with Astronomy

At first I was a bit leery of spending an entire year on just one subject. What about the weather? The human body? Oceans? After I read Fulbright’s introduction though, I fell in love with the idea. Fulbright explains that by immersing the student in just one subject, they get to really plumb the depths and richness of that topic. It reminded me a lot of Charlotte Mason’s idea of narrating….letting the student explore and interact with their studies in ways that helped their brain to make connections that they might have otherwise missed.

Exploring Creation with Astronomy is for kids six to twelve, but I feel the text is geared toward the older child. In the notebook (sold separately) there is a suggested schedule, usually reading about 2 pages twice a week. However, I’ve discovered that although G6 is intensely interested in the subject, if I read more than a page his eyes gloss over. *lol*

So instead I’m reading about one section (or topic, depending) per day. For example, in chapter one there is a section called “Astronomers, Astronauts, and Satellites.” Even though it’s only about a page long, there is no way he could process all that information in one sitting. So today I only read him the small section about astronomers. Tomorrow it will be about NASA and astronauts, and Thursday will be about satellites. I’ve also brought home a bunch of picture books about space from the library, some non-fiction and some just fun, so that he can flip through them or have us read them to him at bedtime if he chooses.

2 thoughts on “Exploring Creation with Astronomy

  1. We LOVE these science books! W’re going through astronomy for the third time (I did it twice with my oldest – once at age 7 and again at age 9). This go round it will be my 9 & 6 year. Since I already owned the book, I splurged on the notebooking journals when they were deeply discounted at CBD this past summer. Have fun!

  2. If you’re interested in more on this subject I’d recommend a relatively short book titled Starlight and Time by Dr. Russell Humphreys. He explores and explains a variety of creationist and evolutionary theories about the origin of the cosmos and offers his own revolutionary (creationist) theory on the subject. I’m not an astronomy but I do love science and I do have a strong background in physics. What he says makes a lot of sense, if only to understand the range of theories that are out there and the problems with each. I know he has much newer technical papers published on updates to this theory, but this book is written so that anyone with an interest can follow pretty easily. Just thought you might like to know… 🙂

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